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The Magic of Art

Peering into the balcony for some time, I sat with the window open with my 10 by 10 sketchbook on my lap. I fell in love with the branches going out and coming back into an oblong circular shape, holding the eye on the space and the curve within a curve the shape of a sideways eye. Ephemeral amid the concrete block buildings, the tree offered its gentle curves and some graciousness to the forgotten area behind the apartment buildings. The tree now existed for me and I had grown some affection for its unique elegance. Not long after it disappeared, probably in someones Saturday cleaning and making room to work on a car. This casual drawing session became a memorial to a bit of beauty that came and went, graced my life and then was gone. However, by the magic of art, it remains in the pages of my 10 by 10 sketchbook and transports me back to that balcony.

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